Temporary Cleansers Hair Saliva Total Body Urine and Blood Urine



Blends Body Clean; Pineapple Passion and Strawberry Kiwi Drink

Body Clean


Important Information:

-  At least 48 hours before taking Body Clean Blends, avoid all toxins.

-  Drink plenty of water, it is recommended to drink eight 12-ounce glasses of water a day to assist the body’s natural cleansing system in ridding itself of harmful toxins and impurities.


Shake well and drink entire contents of bottle

Wait 15 minutes.  Refill bottle with water, shake and drink.  Drinking water will help your body naturally cleanse itself of unwanted toxins.

Urinate frequently

Eat light meals consisting of fruits, vegetables and foods high in fiber


People with larger body mass, or individuals who are frequently exposed to toxic environments should consider taking BC Maximum Strength



Body Clean Gels, Capsules

Ultra-Mask Drink

Ultimate Gold; 16 and 20 oz.
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